We are open days, evenings and weekends 7 days a week by appointment. 

Same day appointments are usually available and we strive to accommodate you on your schedule whether it's early in the morning or late in the evening.

Just send us an Email to set up an appointment


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Our shop is located in North Metro Atlanta in Woodstock, Georgia just across the Alpharetta line.

 We Buy / Sell / Repair and Rent Pinball Machines and Arcade Games.  We usually have other Game Room items for sale as well.

WE SELL: Pick out a ready to go unit or place a deposit on one for restoration.   With a refundable deposit we can find any machine you would like and restore it to your specifications.

We are a small operation with very low overhead so we can sell the same product as the big outfits at a much lower cost.   Our service and reputation are unmatched in the Southeast.   We are happy to provide multiple references. 

WE BUY: We selectively buy working and non-working games.  We also haul less desirable video/pinball games away for no charge and recycle them for parts.  Email us with your items for sale and pricing.

WE REPAIR:  Selective Onsite Pinball & Arcade Repair and In-Shop Repair/Restoration available as schedule allows.   We also can recommend other repairmen for your area if we aren't available.  Repair questions and scheduling is best done by Email.  Please list your game, problem you're having and your location.  







Game Inventory List (12/20/2016)


  • New Multicades (1 Left for Xmas delivery 12/20)
  • Slot Machines in Stock (4 left for Xmas delivery)
  • Alien Poker Pinball
  • Close Encounter 3rd Kind Pinball
  • Firepower Pinball
  • Williams Fan-Tas-Tic EM Pinball
  • Gottlieb Super Score EM Pinball
  • Silverball Mania x2 Pinball
  • El Dorado City of Gold Pinball
  • Top Speed EM Pinball
  • Bally Air Aces EM Pinball
  • Williams Doozie EM Pinball
  • Williams Aztec Pinball
  • Arcade Punching Machine 
  • Ms Pac/Galaga Combo Arcade
  • Defender Cocktail Table
  • Boom-A-Rang Air Hockey Table
  • Rowe Ami CD Jukebox

If you are looking for a newer pinball please email: Sales@Playpinball.net and I can point you in the right direction



We Are Atlanta's Premier Dealer in Multi-Arcade Video Games.

Our top selling package has 60 classic retro video arcade games in one commercial cabinet at an affordable price.  Click here for more info.

We can also upgrade your Pac/MsPac or Galaga/Jamma game to a 60 in 1 game for a fraction of the price.

We have other Video Game options available here.


"This game (Fathom) has been a total blast since we got it.  I wanted to thank you again for all your workmanship.  I can hardly keep my wife off of it (Centaur is sad).  Here's a gift card to take Mrs. Matty out to eat.  Thanks Again." Johnny in Texas

"Thanks for sending the "setup" instructions--they really helped considering it was my first pinball, I would have had no clue otherwise. I love the machine (Black Hole), and feel I got a very fair deal on it & you can count me as another (very) satisfied customer. I'm saving my money and keeping my eye on your website--so don't be surprised if you hear from me again."    Shawn in Utah

"Absolutely the best customer service EVER!  My home game room is now complete thanks to Matty."-Chip in Lawrenceville, GA.

"Matty, Asteroid Annie Pinball was delivered Tuesday in fine shape.  Crate job was a thing of beauty-hated to take it apart, even the NAVL crew were talking about it before they even opened the truck." Dale in PA.  


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